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Appsmith Innovate: Quick Insights, Big Impact!

馃搮 Join us for a whirlwind virtual conference dedicated entirely to Appsmith. In just two hours, we'll be packing in a series of hyper-focused 15-minute sessions, each one designed to maximize information while respecting your time.

When is it?

Thursday, October 19th at 10AM EST. Save your spot today!

Why Attend?

  • Fast-Paced Format: No prolonged talks or sessions. Get all the core insights in snappy, 10-15 minute segments.
  • Broad Coverage: From company updates to real-world use cases, we're covering everything Appsmith.

Who is this for?

Everyone! This event is for the Appsmith community, including customers, users, and open-source supporters. 

Highlights Include:

  • Company Update: Get the latest news and developments straight from the heart of Appsmith.
  • Trends in Internal Tools: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into emerging and prevailing trends.
  • Roadmap Review: A sneak-peek into what's next for Appsmith.
  • Secure by Design: Dive deep into Appsmith鈥檚 commitment to fortifying its platform and ensuring your data remains protected.
  • Real-World Use Cases: Learn from real-world examples of how Appsmith is being implemented and making a difference.
  • Tips & Tricks: Boost your Appsmith expertise with quick hacks and advanced guidance.
  • Reusability Features: Explore features that ensure you can do more with less effort, enhancing efficiency across your projects.

馃敆 Save your spot today! Dive into a world of insights and come out enriched, all within a two-hour window. Whether you鈥檙e new to Appsmith or a seasoned expert, there's something for everyone. Let鈥檚 redefine how we experience conferences, making them more efficient and info-packed!