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May Content Contest: Developer Tools

Appsmith is great for quickly building internal tools to run your entire business, but it's also good for building smaller, utility type tools, like text or file converters, generators, RegEx tools, etc. Throw in an external library or two, and you can build just about any kind of developer tool imaginable. So let's do it! 

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This month, we want to see your best developer tools, utilities, converters, or any other apps that assist in your development processes, either in Appsmith, or any other platform or language!

In addition to the regular swag pack, this month's winner will also receive this special edition shirt!

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To kick things off, here are a few sources for inspiration:

REMINDER: The monthly contest is now for ALL Content types, not just templates! So you can write a tutorial or make a video about your dev tool instead of publishing the template itself. If you don't see the option to post other content types, make sure your profile is complete, and start to engage on the platform to earn points by commenting and liking other posts.