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Recognizing Our Community Leaders

Discord + Community Portal Updates 📢

Hello my fellow Appsmither’s! If you've ever used our Discord support forum, you've probably seen the AI bot that assists our support team in answering questions from the community. But there's another group out there answering questions in the forums besides the Appsmith staff and our AI bot: you, our beloved community! 

Many community members already volunteer their valuable time to share their knowledge and help other users in the forums, and we truly appreciate you. As our Discord and Community Portal continue to grow and evolve, we want to provide a better experience for both platforms, and unite them by elevating these volunteers through a new Community Leader role. 


Community Leader 👨🏽‍💻

Appsmith Community Leaders are volunteers who regularly help other community members, and who have special permissions in Discord and here on the portal. As an Appsmith Community Leader, your role is more than just answering questions and deleting spam post. You have been chosen to help improve the overall quality of the forums by both filtering bad content, and elevating good content or issues that require more attention from the Appsmith team.

Your efforts will provide a better experience to our community members, and for that you will be handsomely rewarded.

thank you


  • Access to private Discord channel with direct line to Appsmith staff
  • Recognition in our newsletter and on social (great way to promote freelancer services!)
  • Swag pack: hat, shirt, hoodie, and sticker pack



  • Discord
    • Timeout, Kick, or Ban users
    • Delete posts or comments
    • Post in the announcements channel
  • Portal
    • Delete posts and comments
    • Approve community submitted articles and templates for promotion to front page
    • Post your own articles and templates without staff approval

Any community member can apply for this role, but we're only looking for a few leaders to start with. We'll continue to add more as needed, and the application will remain open, so feel free to apply at any time. 

Apply Now!

Lastly, thank you to everyone on Discord who helps answer community questions. We'll only be adding a few Community Leaders at first, but we appreciate all of you who continue to assist in the forums. If you see someone we should recognize, give them a shoutout and tag me so we can send them some swag! 

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Thu, 02/15/2024 - 15:59

Good Stuff!