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Help Us Craft a Seamless New User Experience

At Appsmith, we're driven to helping developers to solve real-world problems with high-quality applications. Your continuous support and engagement have shown us that we're on the right track. However, we've observed that newcomers often encounter challenges in grasping the full scope of what Appsmith offers and how it can address their specific needs.

We Need Your Insights!

Think back to your early experiences with Appsmith. What obstacles did you encounter? Your valuable insights can help us streamline the journey for new developers, ensuring that Appsmith's potential is immediately apparent. We've pinpointed two critical areas where your feedback can be impactful:

  • Datasource Connectivity in the Evaluation Process:

    Building a scaled-down version of your envisioned app is an ideal way to evaluate Appsmith. But we recognize that connecting to a datasource, especially an organizational one, requires trust. We're seeking your thoughts: How can we simplify this process for new users, making it less intimidating and more straightforward?

Connect data
  • Understanding the Underlying Concepts of Appsmith:

    While features like query templates and one-click data bindings streamline development, they also mask some fundamental concepts. It's evident that users who understand these core concepts have a more successful experience. We want to know: Which aspects did you find challenging? How can we make learning these concepts more intuitive and accessible?


Your experiences and challenges with Appsmith play a crucial role in our ongoing improvements and new features. By understanding what you've faced, we can fine-tune Appsmith for a smoother experience, making life easier for all Appsmith developers.

How to Participate: We're eager to hear from you in a 30-minute casual chat. Please book a time slot on our calendar at your convenience.

Your feedback is invaluable in shaping Appsmith's future and enhancing the experience for every new developer in our community. Looking forward to your valuable contributions!