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March Content Contest: Supa-Smith!

Hello app smithers! We have some exciting news:

For the March template contest, we’re teaming up with Supabase to bring you DOUBLE the swag, community recognition, and glory. Any template using Supabase is eligible to win!

UPDATE! We're expanding the monthly contest to include ALL forms of content, including blog posts, tutorials and videos, in addition to templates. 

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Appsmith is the perfect frontend to connect to any datasource, and Supabase is the most powerful and flexible backend. Let’s see what this stack can do! Submit your template by the end of March for your chance to win this awesome swag pack!

Supabase has a TON of cool features that work great with Appsmith. Not sure what to build? Here are a few Supabase features to check out for ideas:

Note: Make sure to use Supabase’s new Supavisor connection pooling method when connecting from Appsmith.

Connecting Appsmith to Supabase with Connection Pooling

Monthly Template Contest Guide

Joseph Petty staff View joseph_appsmith's profile
Thu, 03/14/2024 - 16:24

UPDATE! We've had several community members ask about submitting written posts, so we're opening up the monthly contest to include ALL forms of content! If you don't see the option to submit content, make sure your profile is complete, and comment/like a few posts. The creator role should be applied once you have enough points.