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504 Gateway Timeout Errors


I am using Appsmith(v1.7.1) on a K8 cluster, and my app calls an upstream API. However, the API is taking more than 60 seconds to complete, and I am receiving a 504 Gateway Time-out error. I want to extend the timeout to prevent these errors, but it seems that I can't go beyond 60 seconds due to the default timeout in Nginx that we're using in Kubernetes.


The issue is that Appsmith is timing out after 60 seconds when calling an upstream API, but the desired timeout is 300 seconds. The default timeout for Nginx (which Appsmith uses) is also 60 seconds, so increasing the timeout in Nginx to 300 seconds would solve this issue. However, it appears that Appsmith is currently limited by Nginx's default timeout and cannot go beyond 60 seconds. This is being addressed by the Appsmith team, but in the meantime, the solution is to optimize the upstream API to return a response within 60 seconds.