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Adding Payment Integration APIs with Stripe


As an Appsmith user, I need to integrate Stripe payment system into my apps to collect payments from my users.


Appsmith, a low-code development platform, enables the integration of Stripe APIs to collect payment in Appsmith apps. The integration involves setting up a Stripe account, creating a Stripe payment gateway, and connecting it to Appsmith with API keys. This ensures that Appsmith apps can process payments from customers securely and quickly, without the need for manual processing.

Once the integration is in place, developers can use Stripe APIs to build custom payment workflows within the Appsmith app. These include creating payment forms that accept credit card details, processing payments, and handling payment failures. Appsmith’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create custom forms and workflows that suit specific business needs.

To illustrate how integrating Stripe on Appsmith works, the Appsmith blog provides a detailed step-by-step guide, including code snippets that enable developers to connect to Stripe APIs and handle payment-related events. The guide includes information on how to create a Stripe account, how to generate API keys, and tips on best practices for handling payments securely.

Overall, the integration of Stripe on Appsmith provides a seamless way for businesses to collect payments through custom-built apps. It requires no coding expertise beyond basic API implementation, making it easier and more accessible for developers to add payment functionality to their apps without sacrificing security and reliability.