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Any License / User term limitations for building tools with AppSmith?


I'm wondering what kind of business apps I can build with AppSmith and if there are any limitations. Specifically, I want to know if I can create a paid app where users log in using 3rd party authentication platforms and connect payment gateways. I'm also curious if there are any licensing differences between cloud vs self-hosted community vs self-hosted enterprise versions and if I can sell the apps I build as SAAS.


The AppSmith platform allows users to build business apps with various features including third-party authentication, payment gateway integration, and the ability to sell apps as a SAAS product. These features are available on both the cloud and self-hosted versions of the platform, with the main difference being licensing and distribution requirements for the business edition. The self-hosted version is licensed with an Apache 2 license, which applies to the distribution of the platform itself but not the products built on it. Users are free to sell SAAS apps built with AppSmith. Overall, the platform provides flexibility for users to create and monetize business apps.