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API referring to old Column Names after changing them and giving error when loading data


I am experiencing an issue with a Google Sheets data source. I renamed a column in the sheet, but when I try to run the API using the new column name, it shows an error saying it cannot locate the old column name. Even when I try to create a completely different API to get data from a different sheet, I get the same error. It appears that old column names continue to exist even after being renamed in a Google Sheets data source. The Appsmith team has recognized this as a bug and is currently working on a fix. In the meantime, they have provided a workaround solution to use the old column name as a placeholder for the query to work.


The issue involves old column names continuing to exist even after renaming a column in a Google Sheet data source. This results in APIs referring to the old column name and giving an error when loading data.

The Appsmith team is working on fixing the issue and has provided a workaround solution in the meantime. The solution involves creating a placeholder column with the old column name for the query to work.

Once the fix is deployed in production, this workaround solution will no longer be necessary. In the meantime, developers can follow the progress of the issue on GitHub and implement the provided solution to continue working with their data sources.