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Appsmith Crash (max CPU) and wont start


I'm having issues with Appsmith and MongoDB on my Docker container. While editing a JS function, I started getting errors about function names and circular loops. The CPU maxed out and after restarting the container, it won't successfully boot and shows a "Retry" message. The container logs suggest a problem with MongoDB's connection and I need help troubleshooting.


The user is running Appsmith 1.7.0 with Docker on Windows and is developing a complex page. However, they started encountering errors while editing a JavaScript function and Appsmith was maxing out the CPU. The user then restarted the container but it wouldn't boot successfully, and the logs showed issues with MongoDB.

To solve this problem, the user should check the log file at stacks/data/mongodb/log as recommended by the support team. This log file should have clues about the issue with starting MongoDB. Once the issue with MongoDB is resolved, the user can try restarting the Appsmith container to see if it boots up successfully. If not, they may need to seek further assistance from the support team.