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Appsmith not working after updating


I updated my on-premises Appsmith using the command "docker-compose pull && docker-compose rm -fsv appsmith && docker-compose up -d", but after the update, the app is not starting up. I need help in resolving this issue.


The solution to the issue of the on-premises appsmith not starting after updating the docker can be resolved by upgrading to the latest version. Appsmith has released a patch fix (v.1.8.8) to address this issue.

To upgrade to the latest version, follow these steps:
1. Download the latest appsmith release from the official website or GitHub repository.
2. Stop the existing docker containers using the command: docker-compose down
3. Replace the existing appsmith directory with the new release.
4. Run the appsmith using the command: docker-compose up -d

In this way, the on-premises appsmith can be updated to the latest version and the issue of not starting after the docker update can be resolved. It is important to always keep the appsmith up-to-date to avoid any such issues in the future.