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This solution is summarized from an archived support forum post. This information may have changed. If you notice an error, please let us know in Discord.

Appsmith stuck in loading


I am having trouble loading my Appsmith applications page in the cloud. After clicking the login button, it just keeps showing the loading progress. I reached out for help and was informed that the website is running fine, but they are facing some issues with Airtel ISP, which is what I am currently using. They suggested to try another network if possible. They are currently working on debugging the issue and finding a solution.


The user, Lavanya, was facing issues with the loading progress of the Appsmith page after logging in. They had clicked the login button on the website but it was still loading. The support team suggested checking the site's status page and trying again, but Lavanya still faced the issue.

The support team then asked if Lavanya was on Airtel ISP, to which they confirmed. The team stated that they were facing some issues with Airtel ISP and requested Lavanya to check if the page loads on a different network.

The solution is still being debugged by the support team as of now, but it seems to be an issue with Airtel ISP. No code examples were necessary for this particular issue.