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Appsmith on Synology & docker keeps on restarting


I tried to install Appsmith on our Synology NAS via docker-compose, but the container keeps restarting with an error stating that MongoDB 5 is not compatible with our Celeron processor from 2019. I wanted to try Appsmith on our NAS but it seems that it may have a permission issue. We may take this up as a separate issue, but for now, we're going to try Appsmith on another machine where it's successfully running on one of our Macs.


The user encountered an error when trying to install Appsmith on their Synology NAS via docker-compose. The error message was "Illegal instruction (core dumped) mongod". The cause of the error was that the NAS's processor was not compatible with MongoDB 5, which was needed for Appsmith to work.

The suggested solutions were to either use an external MongoDB v5 solution or to try running Appsmith on a different machine. The user opted for the latter option and successfully installed Appsmith on one of their Macs.

It was also mentioned that other users had experienced issues running Appsmith on Synology, which may be due to permission problems. However, in this case, it was a compatibility issue with the processor.