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April Round-up: Multiple Widget Reflow, Readable URLs, More Product Updates


As an Appsmith user, I wanted an easier way to move and resize grouped widgets without UI lags, as well as readable application URLs. Additionally, I wanted new features such as a response view switcher, button variants in table column types, smart substitution for Firestore plugin methods, MultipartFormDataType variants for REST Datasource, and enhanced text widget options. Furthermore, I wanted faster rendering for large datasets in the select widget. Lastly, I appreciated the new collaborations, technical content, videos and tutorials published by the Appsmith team.


Appsmith is a platform for building internal business applications quickly and easily. The platform comes with multiple features that enhance the building experience and make it more efficient. Newly added features include adding multiple widget reflow, making the drag and drop experience more performant in avoiding UI lags, making application URLs readable, adding a new response view switcher feature, adding variants to the button column type, adding a smart substitution feature, support to MinIO in S3, and enhancing the text widget.

Besides the features updates, Appsmith provides technical content, videos, and tutorials to help developers improve their understanding of building business applications using the platform. The platform is also open to community contributions, and you can raise a PR on Github to include your preferred database integration. With Appsmith, you can build internal business applications quickly and easily.