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AudioRecorder - the url of the sound is not valid


I followed the AudioRecorder tutorial in Appsmith but the URL of the recorded sound gave a 404 error. However, after checking the URL format and copying the entire evaluated value of the text widget, including the "blob:" prefix, I was able to load and play the recording in the browser. It was initially confusing because the tutorial video showed a different type of URL, which made it seem like the recording could be shared and played without any additional steps.


The user was following the tutorial for AudioRecorder in Appsmith but the URL for the recorded sound was giving a 404 error. Another user suggested that the URL should start with "blob:https..." and provided their own URL as an example. This helped the user confirm that the issue was not with the code. However, the user was unable to load the sound by copying the URL in the browser and needed to upload it to a server or database to share and play it later. The user also mentioned that the tutorial video was a bit misleading as the sound URL in the video was not a blob type and could be loaded in the browser. Another user suggested that it was possible to load and play the recording in a browser by copying the entire Evaluated Value of the Text widget, including the blob prefix. This solution worked for the user. Code examples were not necessary for this solution.