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AWS EC2 Instance keeps going down? Have to reboot EC2 instance every day


I am experiencing an issue where my Appsmith instance becomes unreachable and requires an EC2 instance reboot to resolve. To address this, I reached out to Appsmith support and was advised to provide server logs to investigate the issue. I will be sending over the logs and the Appsmith version information.


To resolve the issue of an Appsmith instance becoming unreachable and needing a reboot, the user should first collect server logs by running "docker logs -f appsmith" or following the steps in a provided guide. It's important to note the version of Appsmith being used (in this case, Appsmith Community v1.9.5) for context.

From there, the user could consult with Appsmith support or troubleshoot on their own to identify the root cause of the issue. Potential causes could include a lack of resources for the instance, issues with network connectivity or the database, or errors within the Appsmith code itself.

Depending on the issue, the user could explore various solutions such as optimizing the instance resources (e.g. increasing the RAM), investigating network or database configurations, or updating the Appsmith version to a more stable release.

Overall, resolving issues with an Appsmith instance may require a combination of debugging, troubleshooting, and optimization efforts.