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Bidding data in a table


I am struggling to display the ID information from a data set using an API. The currentRow['clients'] shows additional information, but I only want to display the ID. I have tried {{currentRow[“”]}} but it doesn't work. How can I display only the ID information? A more experienced person helped me with the solution, which is to use {{currentRow['clients'][0][0].id}}.


The problem was that the user had a data set that contained information about clients, and they wanted to display only the clients' ID. They attempted to do so by using the code {{currentRow[""]}}, but this did not work.

The solution was to use the code {{currentRow['clients'][0][0].id}} instead. This accesses the "clients" list within the data set, then the first element of that list, and finally the "id" attribute of the first element. By putting this code in their application, the user was able to display the desired information about clients.