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Binding API data and to an input widget


I am trying to display data from an API get call in an input field. I want to be able to edit this input field by clicking on a button, opening a modal with a num pad, selecting a number, and overwriting the input field with that number. I am using Appsmith's store to store the new number, but the input field does not update with this new value. I have tried different solutions and asked for help, but the data binding still does not work.


The user wanted to display data from an API get call in an input field and then edit the field by clicking on a button that opens a modal with a num pad. They wanted to overwrite the input field with the number selected from the modal and pass it through a post request to the database.

One solution suggested was to store the number in the Appsmith store when calling the API and use {{ ||}} in the default value of the input widget. However, the user reported that this did not work.

Another solution suggested was to await on storeValue() in the onClick function of the OK button. This resolved the issue and allowed for the input field to update with the selected number from the modal.

It was also recommended to share a screen recording of the workflow and issue to help find a solution.