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Can appsmith branding be removed from registration/reset emails on business plan


I noticed that the emails sent from my business plan instance for registration and password reset show up with the sender and subject as Appsmith. Even though I have customized the branding and domain, additional promotional emails are sent to users referencing Appsmith after they register. I would like to know if it is possible to modify the sender details for these emails and remove the content in the promotional email. The issue has been reported, and I shared a screenshot of the promotional email.


The issue is that custom branding and domain are used in the registration and password reset emails sent from the appsmith instance, but the sender and subject still show up as being from appsmith, and additional promotional emails are sent to users after they register. The team acknowledges it as a bug and is working on fixing it. They have created an issue to track the progress of the fix.

The team also mentions that for business edition users, they only send transactional emails without any promotional content. They ask for a screenshot of the additional email sent by appsmith where it is referenced, and the user provides it. The team thanks the user for bringing the issue to their attention and will work towards a resolution.

No specific code examples were provided in the given conversation.