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Cannot insert data into Mysql database


I was generating a webpage from a MySQL database and having trouble with InsertQuery and UpdateQuery, even though SelectQuery and DeleteQuery were working fine. I couldn't understand what was causing the issue as the data in the database column was set to Varchar(50). After extensive research, I found out that one of the column names (Empty) was a special word, which was preventing me from doing the Insert and update. Adding backticks to the column name resolved the issue.


The problem was with the InsertQuery and UpdateQuery in a page generated from a MySQL database. Even though the SelectQuery and DeleteQuery were working fine, the InsertQuery and UpdateQuery were throwing an error. After researching the issue, the user found out that the column name "Empty" was causing the problem as it is a special word and needs to be surrounded by backticks in the query. Once the backticks were added, the issue was resolved.

Here's an example of how to use backticks in MySQL queries:

INSERT INTO table_name (`column1`, `column2`, `Empty`) VALUES ('value1', 'value2', 'value3');

This solution shows that paying attention to special words in column names is essential, especially when working with MySQL databases.