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Cannot set DD.MM.YYYY date format for table column


I was trying to enter dates in a table column using the DD.MM.YYYY format, but it gave an error. However, it worked in a simple text entry. When I reached out for help, I was told to use - instead of . but this doesn't align with the standard format in my region. It turned out to be a bug, and the Appsmith team provided an issue number to track it.


The user reported an issue with date format in Appsmith, where they were unable to use DD.MM.YYYY format in a table column. The Appsmith team confirmed it as a bug and created an issue (#18572) to track and fix the problem. The user pointed out that - as a delimiter isn't an ideal replacement for their preferred format, but the team didn't offer any further solutions. Future updates to Appsmith should include a fix for this bug.