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Cannot use dynamic URL to make API calls


I have a table widget where I navigate to another page with a selected row ID. I want to call an API to receive more information about the selected row ID, but the API is not working even though I have enabled it on page load. Can someone help me with this issue?


It seems that the user is struggling with calling an API on page load with a dynamically generated URL based on the selected row ID from a table widget. The solution would be to ensure that the API is indeed running on page load and that the URL being generated is correct.

First, check that the API is running on page load. This can be done by adding a console.log statement or using a network inspector tool to monitor the API calls.

Next, make sure that the URL being generated is correct. This can be done by checking the code that generates the URL and verifying that it is using the correct parameters and formatting.

Once these issues have been resolved, the API should be able to receive the selected row ID and return the necessary information for the user.