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Can’t find the reason that the then() not working


I am experiencing an issue with my code, where the "then()" function inside my "test1" function is not working properly when called by a button. The "testQuery" function seems to work successfully, but none of the handler functions (resolve, reject) are being called. I asked for help and was advised to return the promise from the function in order to resolve the issue, which I did and it worked.


The issue was that the test1 function was not returning the promise from the function. To fix this, you need to return the promise from the test1 function. This will allow you to chain the .then function and handle the resolve and reject cases. Here's an updated code example:

export default {
test1: function (params) {
.then(() => {
.catch(() => {

Note that we added a return statement before the call to Also, we chained the .catch function to handle the reject case. Finally, we made sure to return the promise from the test1 function, which will allow us to chain the .then and .catch functions properly.