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Can’t use dropdown ‘Select’ column type in Table widget


I am experiencing issues with a Select widget inside a Table widget in Appsmith. The 'Evaluated Value' is always an empty array, regardless of what I put in the 'Computed Value'. When I use Select widgets outside the Table, they work fine. I have tried using 'selectedRow' and 'currentRow', and I am using the community version of Appsmith (v1.9.9). I have shared my app with for debugging. The version of Appsmith on my self-hosted server is the same as the cloud version where the Select widget appears to be working.


The issue reported was with a Select widget inside a Table widget. The Computed Value field of the Select widget was always evaluated as empty ([]), even though a valid expression was used. The user wanted to select an option from a list based on data from another table.

The solution provided was to use currentRow instead of selectedRow inside the table. selectedRow returns the data of the row that the user clicked, while currentRow refers to the row of the table that contains the particular cell being edited.

The issue was also found to be related to the fact that the table did not contain any Table Data. Once Table Data was added, the options coming from the SourceTable were correctly evaluated.

Another issue was that the Select widget inside the table was showing "No Results Found". To fix this, the expression SourceTable.selectedRow['choices'][0] was used instead of SourceTable.selectedRow.choices.

Finally, the user reported not seeing "Select" as a column type in their self-hosted Community version of Appsmith. However, the column type was confirmed to be available in the Community edition on the latest version. A screenshot of the options for column type was requested for further investigation.