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Change a query’s Data source in an applications causes change in other application


I found a bug in Appsmith when I duplicated an application and changed the data source for the new application. However, the data source for the original application also changed, which was not intended. The issue was caused because both applications were in the same organization, and data sources have organization scope. The problem was resolved after Appsmith changed to using workspaces instead of organizations. I was offered a meeting to discuss my experiences and needs related to working with dev/test/prod environments, but I could not attend at the time. I am willing to schedule a meeting now if it would still be helpful.


The solution to the bug is to use workspaces instead of organizations, as data sources are scoped at the workspace level. This means that changing a data source in one application within a workspace will not affect the data source settings in other applications within the same workspace.

If the issue persists, a meeting can be scheduled with a developer from Appsmith to further understand the user's needs and experiences with dev/test/prod environments.

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