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This solution is summarized from an archived support forum post. This information may have changed. If you notice an error, please let us know in Discord.

Collaboration problem


I am having trouble collaborating on an AppSmith app with my team. One team member shared the app via email, but the app did not appear on their dashboard. We also encountered merge conflicts when using the GitHub tool, and the pages were not showing up on the cloud interface of AppSmith. Support suggested checking if the shared email address was correct and syncing branches before pulling, which resolved the issues. Overall, the support team was quick to respond and helpful.


The problem was that the team members who had been invited to the AppSmith app through email were not able to see the app on their dashboard. This was because they had not signed up using the same email address they were invited with. The solution was to remove the user and invite them again with the correct email address.

The team also faced issues with merging their work on different branches on GitHub into the main branch. To resolve this, they were advised to first sync the branches, and then click the pull button. This resolved the conflict and allowed them to successfully merge their work.

Overall, the solution involved ensuring that all team members were using the correct email address to sign up for the AppSmith app and properly syncing and pulling GitHub branches when merging work.