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Column Type Plain Text with line breaks


I am having trouble displaying long plain text in a table column. It is hard to read when the text is too long. I found a solution with the "Cell Wrapping (JS)" feature, but it's missing in some tables. I learned that it's because the older table widgets don't have the newer features. It would be helpful to have a widget update feature to upgrade to the new version without redoing all the settings.


The user was trying to display a column of plain text within a table in multiple rows. The main issue was that the text was too long, making it hard to read. The first solution provided was to increase the table column width or use the text-wrapping feature. However, the user later discovered that some tables had a "Cell Wrapping (JS)" feature which allowed them to display the full text.

It was discovered that this feature was only available in newer versions of the table widget. Therefore, the user was advised to replace older table widgets with the newer version to access all the latest features. Unfortunately, this means that the user would need to set up the new table widget with the desired settings from scratch.

The user suggested a widget update feature to make the upgrade process smoother. The team explained that they were working on a solution to upgrade automatically without breaking the existing widget.