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Connect to appsmith mongodb from remote client


I am trying to connect to the MongoDB in Appsmith from a remote client, but the port mapping does not seem to be working. I have tried using the IP address of the docker host but still cannot connect. It seems that the MongoDB is bound to localhost, which prevents remote connections. I am considering removing the IP binding, but I am concerned about potential security issues. Additionally, I am unable to delete or ban users from logging in, and this feature is not yet available in Appsmith.


The user had deployed Appsmith with embedded/internal MongoDB on a CentOS 7 Linux machine using Docker. They wanted to connect to the internal MongoDB from a remote client, but were unable to do so due to IP binding to the localhost. To remove ip-binding and expose the internal MongoDB, they had to open a bash shell to the Appsmith container, edit "/opt/appsmith/templates/supervisord/mongodb.conf" and remove "--bind_ip localhost" option from the mongod command, and then restart the container. However, the user also wanted to delete or block a user from logging in, but this feature is not yet possible in Appsmith and is a part of their feature request roadmap.