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Connecting to bitbucket using custom ssh port


I'm trying to connect my appsmith app to Bitbucket with a custom SSH port, but it's not working. I followed the instructions but appsmith just can't connect. The Gitlab server works fine but it's going away soon, so I need to connect to Bitbucket. I asked if appsmith supports connecting to a bitbucket server using a custom SSH port, but unfortunately, it doesn't. I suggested it as a feature request and it was added to the issue tracker.


The solution to the issue of not being able to connect to a git hosting provider on a custom SSH port is not currently supported by Appsmith. However, it has been added as a feature request to be tracked on their GitHub page. This means that the Appsmith team will consider adding this feature in the future, allowing teams to connect their apps to git, integrate their app building with their dev workflows, back them up, and collaborate on them even if their remote URLs include custom SSH ports. Currently, there is no code example necessary, as the feature has not yet been developed.