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Currency Input Widget


I am having an issue with the Currency Input Widget. Despite setting the decimal separator to '.', when I enter a value with decimals, such as 3253.82, the widget shows it as 352.382. I have tried all settings for decimals, but nothing works. It seems like a bug in the widget and makes it unusable for me. However, I have been informed that the issue has been identified and fixed, and the update should be available soon.


The problem reported by Franz was related to the Currency Input Widget in Appsmith displaying values with incorrect decimal separators. The issue was caused by the widget not allowing the comma as a decimal separator, which is used in some countries like Franz's country. The Appsmith team acknowledged the problem and fixed it in their code, with the updated version expected to be released soon. If Franz wants, he can try out a preview of the fix provided by the Appsmith team to test it. The solution was achieved by updating the code to allow for the comma as a decimal separator.