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Custom Style Sheets


I want to assign a custom style sheet to my Appsmith application, but currently it is not possible. I would like to add my own CSS to customize the look and feel of the widgets, but this feature is not yet available. I can upvote the feature request on GitHub and share my use case to help make it a priority.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to assign a custom style sheet to an Appsmith application at the moment. However, the Appsmith team is aware of this feature request and is considering it for future implementations.

If you have a specific use case for adding custom CSS to your Appsmith application, you can upvote the feature request on GitHub and comment with your use case to help the team prioritize it.

Once the feature is implemented, you should be able to add custom CSS by simply linking to an external style sheet or adding inline styles to specific widgets. The implementation details may vary, but the Appsmith team will likely provide documentation and examples once the feature is available.