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Disable Appsmith Debug Toasts


I am having trouble disabling the default error Toasts in Appsmith when an action fails. I want to configure my own error messages for when an action fails, but I can't find the setting to do so. I would like to disable the default error Toasts and add my own custom error message for an API call on a button.


To disable the default error toasts in Appsmith and add your own custom error messages for failed actions, you can use an async JS function with a try/catch block. Here's an example:

async function handleButtonClick() {
try {
// Call your API/query here
} catch (error) {
// Show a custom error message
appsmith.plugins.toast.error("Custom error message");

In the try block, you can call your API or query, and in the catch block you can handle any errors that occur by logging them to the console and showing a custom error message using the appsmith.plugins.toast.error() function. This function takes a string parameter for the error message to display.