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Disable new line with <span> in Text widget


I am experiencing an issue with the Text Widget on Appsmith version 1.8.13, where it inserts an unwanted new line when using a tag. I want everything on one line, but even using ‘white-space: nowrap’ and ‘nobr’ does not work. The issue has been reported and a fix has been implemented for a future release. The issue persists in version 1.9.2, but version displays the correct layout without the new lines.


The Appsmith text widget was inserting an unwanted new line when using the tag. This was reported as a bug and the Appsmith team quickly implemented a fix. The fix was released in version, which displays the correct layout without the new lines at each tag.

To disable the new line with the tag in the text widget, users should update to version or a newer version when available. Code examples are not necessary, as the issue has been resolved in the latest version.