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This solution is summarized from an archived support forum post. This information may have changed. If you notice an error, please let us know in Discord.

Docker installation fails on OSX


I am trying to install Appsmith in a Docker container on my OSX machine, using Docker version 20.10.22 and Docker Compose version v2.15.1. However, the installation stops at "Initializing Replica Set for local database" and does not proceed further. This issue does not occur on my Linux machine. I have shared the relevant system information and docker-compose.yml file. I suspect the issue may be related to MongoDB 5 requiring AVX support, but I am not sure. I have scheduled a call with Appsmith Setup Support to debug this issue further.


The issue reported was that Appsmith installation in a Docker container on macOS stopped at the point of initializing local database and initializing a replica set for local database. The installation worked well on a Linux machine but not on an M1 Mac running Docker Desktop version 4.16.1 with Docker version 20.10.22.

After trying out some debugging solutions such as checking the docker-compose.yml file, version of docker-compose, and macOS versions, it was suggested to update the image field in the docker-compose file to and run the command docker-compose up -d --force-recreate to recreate the container.

It was also noted that while MongoDB 5.0 requires AVX support in x86_64 processors, it does support the latest ARM processors which includes M1, so the issue may not be related to the M1 processor.

The summary is that updating the Appsmith image field in the docker-compose file to version v1.8.15 resolved the installation issue on macOS.