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Document Viewer data from Filepicker


I am trying to load a PPTX file from a Filepicker widget into a Document Viewer widget, but it displays an error message saying the filetype is not supported. The documentation says PPTX should be supported, but other file types like DOCX and XLSX also throw errors. I am not able to display my uploaded file in the Document Viewer. However, after some experimentation, I found a simple solution where I can display the file using the FilePicker widget's data property in the document link of the Document Viewer.


The issue was that the Document Viewer widget was not displaying the uploaded PPTX or other file types from the Filepicker widget. However, upon further investigation, it was found that the solution was relatively simple. Instead of uploading and displaying the URL of the file, the solution involved using the {{FilePicker.files[0].data}} code in the document link of the Document Viewer widget.

This code allows the widget to retrieve the uploaded file from the Filepicker widget and display it in the Document Viewer widget. This solution works for various file types, including PPTX, DOCX, and XLSX. By using this method, the Document Viewer widget can now display various types of files uploaded via the Filepicker widget.