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Does Appsmith has any RTS or support websockets?


As a member of our team, we are currently working on a feature to support web sockets on Appsmith so that we can connect to real-time solutions and build apps that can subscribe to events and real-time databases. This feature is important as it will allow us to update data in real-time and add a chat window, making our dashboards more efficient. We are currently seeking subscribers to the GitHub issue for those interested in this feature.


The solution being worked on is to allow developers to connect to web sockets on the Appsmith platform. This feature will enable developers to build real-time applications that can subscribe to events and real-time databases. This will be particularly useful for creating dashboards that feature real-time updates, as well as adding a chat window to applications.

The motivation for this feature comes from user feedback requesting the ability to communicate over web sockets, such as streaming log files and sending multiple responses from an API. The feature will also make it possible to send and receive messages from MQTT.

The code examples necessary to implement this feature are not yet available, as the feature is still being developed. However, interested developers can subscribe to the GitHub issue related to this feature to stay up-to-date on its progress.