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Drive export/back up of app to Google Drive from the app itself


I am manually backing up my apps in Google Drive folders, which is becoming tedious. I would like to have a dedicated Appsmith dashboard where I can backup/export any app to its appropriate Google Drive folder with a single click. However, there is no clear way to do this as there is no public API available for Appsmith.


Unfortunately, it seems that there is no clear solution for automating the backup of apps in Appsmith to Google Drive folders. While it is possible to leverage the Google Drive API and Appsmith's datasource API to manually export and backup apps, there is no public API available within Appsmith to automate this process.

Without access to an internal API, it may not be possible to create a fully automated backup solution using Appsmith. However, it may be possible to create a script or tool that can streamline the manual export process, making it more efficient and less tedious. This could involve creating a dashboard or interface that allows users to easily select and export their desired apps to specific Google Drive folders with a single click.

Overall, while there may not be a straightforward solution to this problem, it may still be possible to create a custom workaround using existing tools and technologies available.