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E-commerce Order Management Dashboard with Hasura and GraphQL


As an e-commerce business owner, I need a dashboard to manage all aspects of my product catalog, view sales data, and track orders in real-time. I also need the ability to send emails to customers directly from the dashboard.


The solution is a fully customizable e-commerce order management dashboard that allows businesses to manage their entire product catalog, view sales, track all details of total and recent orders, and send emails to customers. This dashboard can be created using Appsmith, a platform that simplifies the development of internal tools like this one.

The data for this dashboard can be imported directly from the Hasura Super App, which can be migrated to a Hasura instance with just a few steps. This provides businesses with a streamlined process for accessing their data and creating an order management dashboard tailored to their specific needs.

Code examples are not necessary for this summary as it is a high-level overview of the solution.