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Error: ENV_FILE_NOT_FOUND on k8s


I have self-hosted an appsmith/appsmith-server:v1.8.11 on Kubernetes without Helm and it works fine, but when I enable the Super Admin Page, it shows an error saying "Admin Settings is unavailable. Unable to read and write to Environment file." I have set the required environment variables in a .yaml file. Can anyone help me with this issue?


The solution to this issue is to install Appsmith on Kubernetes using Helm Charts instead of self-hosting it without Helm. As of today, Helm Charts are the only supported method of installation on Kubernetes.

To set up Appsmith on Kubernetes using Helm, follow the steps provided in the documentation. This will enable the Super Admin Page to work correctly without any errors.

It is important to note that setting environment variables in a .yaml file may not work without proper configuration and installation using Helm Charts. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the official documentation for a successful installation and setup of Appsmith on Kubernetes.