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Error with filePicker Appsmithv1.8.0


I'm having trouble retrieving the file type from my filePicker in my Appsmith app. When I try to access the type property with {{FilePicker1.files[0].type}}, I get an error that says "Cannot read properties of undefined." I've checked the file contents and the type property is there, but passing the file to my POST API gives me an "Invalid character" error. I've shared my app with the Appsmith support team and they've identified it as a bug that they will fix in the next release.


The user was facing an issue with their filePicker in Appsmith, where they were unable to retrieve the type of the file. They were getting a TypeError that the property was undefined. The type property was present in the file contents, so it was not an issue with the file itself.

The Appsmith team asked for more information, including the file contents, app access, and a screen recording of the issue. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the issue was due to a regression on the Appsmith side.

The team confirmed that the issue had been fixed and would be available in the next release. They also provided a link to the issue on GitHub for reference.