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Error importing app from json file generated by appsmith


I encountered an error while trying to import an Appsmith app from a Google Cloud server to an AWS server using a JSON file. The error message read "Internal server error while processing request," and even after updating to version 1.7.5, the issue persisted. I also tried importing the JSON file from the same instance where it was generated but to no avail. However, after deleting a hidden page from the app, the export was successful. I am unsure if this is expected behavior and have shared the exported app with the Appsmith team for investigation.


The user was trying to move an Appsmith app from one server to another by exporting it as a JSON file and then importing it on the new server. However, they were encountering an "Internal server error while processing request" and "page not found" errors despite both instances being at the same version.

After some troubleshooting, it was discovered that deleting a hidden page allowed for a successful export and import. The issue was shared with the Appsmith team for further investigation.

Unfortunately, there is no specific solution or code example provided in this conversation thread. However, it highlights the importance of checking for any underlying issues or conflicts before trying to export or import Appsmith apps, and potentially removing any hidden pages if necessary.