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Error setting up Appsmith client code on WindowsOS


As an Appsmith developer setting up the client codebase locally on Windows OS, I need to first set up WSL. Then, I need to ensure that I have Docker and mkcert installed on my system. The client codebase uses ReactJS and Typescript, and I will be using VS Code Editor for development.


To set up Appsmith client code locally on Windows OS, it is necessary to set up WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) first. Once WSL is set up, the following steps can be followed:

  1. Install Docker on the system if not already installed. The link for installation is provided in the instructions.

  2. Install mkcert which is used for SSL certificates. The link for installation is provided in the instructions.

  3. Clone the Appsmith repository from GitHub.

  4. Open Command Prompt in the cloned repository directory and run the command cd app/client.

  5. Run mkcert -install to install the local SSL certificate.

  6. Run docker-compose up to run the application in development mode.

  7. Access the Appsmith application in a browser at https://localhost:3000

The primary editor used for client-side development in Appsmith is Visual Studio Code. The codebase uses libraries like ReactJS, Redux-Saga, and Typescript. Additional details and instructions can be found in the provided link.