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Error showing in console for dropdowns which has no default value


I am seeing a lot of errors in the console of my application regarding the js object that async functions are called in sync fields. I am also getting warnings for widgets that have no default values. Although the application is working fine, I would like to remove these errors from the console. I tried the suggested workaround for the async function errors, but it didn't work. However, I am still waiting for a fix for this issue. The defaultValue warnings still exist.


The console of an application is showing errors regarding JS objects that are called in sync fields and warnings for widgets that have no default values. A workaround for the async errors is to use optional chaining or add a condition to return false if there's no data. The Appsmith team is also working on a fix for this. However, the default value warnings are still present and the team is still investigating them. It is noted that the application is still working fine despite the errors.