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Error while using docker-compose exec appsmith appsmithctl backup


I am using appsmith community edition with docker compose, but when trying to run the command "docker-compose exec appsmith appsmithctl backup", I receive an error stating "No such service: appsmith". Despite being in the correct directory and having appsmith docker compose running, I am unable to execute appsmithctl commands. I need assistance on what steps or modifications are necessary to resolve this issue.


If you are using Appsmith community edition with Docker Compose and facing issues while running appsmithctl commands such as "No such service: appsmith," then you need to check if you are executing the command from within the correct directory. Make sure you are inside the directory where your docker-compose.yml file is located.

If you are in the right directory, try running the following command to list all services in your Docker Compose setup:

docker-compose config --services

If you still cannot see the Appsmith service or facing issues while running the appsmithctl command, you might need to modify your docker-compose.yml file to add the Appsmith service manually. You can add the following lines to your docker-compose.yml file:

container_name: appsmith
restart: always
image: appsmith/appsmith:latest

After modifying the file, run the following command to start the Appsmith service:

docker-compose up -d

Now you should be able to run the appsmithctl command without any issues. For example, to backup your Appsmith instance, run the following command:

docker-compose exec appsmith appsmithctl backup

This command will create a backup file in your current directory.