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Example import text for create message app


I have a text file with a chat backup, and I want to create an application that will automatically populate the chat interface with the text, nickname, and time from the text file. I think I can use the list widget for this, but it doesn't have infinite scrolling and I may need to use pagination.


One possible solution for implementing the task in Appsmith is to use a List widget. First, import the text file containing the chat backup. Then, create two columns in the List widget for "Nickname" and "Message". Use the "Search" functionality to filter the text file for the desired data, and populate the List widget with the results.

To display the data in the format of the screenshot provided, you can use a Data Panel widget. Insert the desired background image and create Text widgets for each user's nickname and message. Using the "Selected Row" property of the List widget, you can automatically update the Data Panel widget with the corresponding data for each row.

Example code for updating the Data Panel widget:

Text.User1.text = List.selectedRow["Nickname"]Text.Message1.text = List.selectedRow["Message"]Text.User2.text = List.selectedRow["Nickname_2"]Text.Message2.text = List.selectedRow["Message_2"]

Note that you may need to adjust the property names to match the specific format of your text file. Additionally, if your text file is very large, you may need to implement pagination for better performance.