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Extracting error message from a API call throwing a PluginExecutionError - [PE-RST-5000]


I am having trouble displaying an API response as an alert message. The field only shows a generic error message, and accessing the actual error message requires going through the Error tab. I'm not sure how to properly capture and display the error message to my app users. This seems to be a known issue which is being worked on, but in the meantime, I'm looking for a solution.


Unfortunately, there is currently no solution to accessing the error trace and displaying it to users in this particular case. This is a known issue with the Appsmith API datasource and the team is currently working on a fix that will reveal the original error message in the response. Once the fix is implemented, you will be able to access and display the error message to your app users. You can track the progress of the fix in the provided issue link.