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Feedback request - Redesigning actions in Appsmith


As a designer at Appsmith, I am seeking feedback on our re-designed actions in the property pane. We have added the ability to add multiple actions for an event and run multiple actions on success or failure of preceding actions. We have shared a prototype link for feedback and welcome all critique. A clarification was made regarding the execution sequence and the decision to not use red and green color for read-only views.


The Appsmith team has been working on a redesign of their actions in the property panel and is seeking feedback from users. The new design allows for the addition of multiple actions for an event and the ability to run multiple actions on success or failure of a preceding action.

The prototype link provided showcases the new design and users are encouraged to provide feedback and critique on the changes. One user had a question about viewing actions and whether the on success chain runs in serial or parallel. The Appsmith team clarified that the actions on success of will run in parallel and that a tooltip will be included to clarify sequence of execution.

The Appsmith team has also chosen to keep the red and green color for transient states only, such as when an action is being added on success or on failure, or when a nested action block is being hovered over. This is to avoid confusion with the use of red and green for error and success states on the Appsmith platform.

Overall, the redesign of actions in the property panel offers improved functionality and a more intuitive user experience.