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Firestore and Server Side Pagination - cyclic dependency error


I am trying to implement server side pagination with Appsmith and Firestore, but I'm facing some issues. I followed the documentation provided, but a cyclic dependency error occurred. After applying a workaround suggested to me, I encountered another problem "Cannot call whereEqualTo() after defining a boundary with startAt(), startAfter(), endBefore() or endAt()". I tried removing the WHERE and ORDER BY clauses but it did not help. I also asked about when the fix for this issue will be available on AppSmith Cloud.


The user was trying to implement server-side pagination with Appsmith and Firestore, but encountered a cyclic dependency error when following the instructions in the documentation. They shared their query and received a workaround solution involving a JS object that stores the last entry in the table and runs the query each time the value in the store is updated. However, they encountered another error message when attempting to go to the next page of data results, indicating an issue with the where clause. The assistant suggested trying the fix provided in a PR but noted that it has not been fully implemented yet. They also recommended trying the workaround solution without the where and order by clauses to see if it works.