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Firewall ports to run appsmith with docker


I am running Appsmith with Docker Desktop on Windows 10 behind a firewall. I need to know the destinations and ports to open in the firewall. I have already opened access to and Docker Hub on ports 80 and 443, but I'm still getting errors. When I click on the Templates tab, the images don't load correctly and I can't see any data in the Welcome Tour. I'm looking for any other firewall permissions that I may have missed.


The user was running Appsmith with Docker Desktop in Windows 10 behind a firewall and was having issues accessing the Appsmith dashboard. The logs of Docker Desktop showed an error related to the connection being refused to

To resolve this issue, the user opened access to port 80 and 443, as well as Docker Hub 80 and 443 in the firewall. However, they were still experiencing issues with images not loading correctly in the Templates tab and not seeing any data in the Welcome Tour.

To address these issues, the user should check if there are any errors in the browser’s console and ensure that all necessary ports are open in the firewall. Additionally, they should ensure that the Docker Compose file has the necessary ports, in this case, 80 and 443. It may also be helpful to consult the Appsmith documentation or seek support from the Appsmith community.