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On first login, display preconfigured sample apps


I am trying to configure Docker to display a selection of sample apps with data sources for new users logging in for the first time without a share or invite. I am unsure how to do this, as sharing is easy for existing users but not for new ones. Can this be stored as default configuration in an external database for Docker to fetch?


The solution proposed by the commenter is to invite new users to the platform and allow them to create a new account. This can be done by enabling signups within the Appsmith instance configuration. Once the new user creates an account, they will be able to access the platform and view a selection of sample apps with data sources.

It is also possible to store the default configuration in an external database that can be accessed by the Docker instance. This would allow for easy retrieval of the default configuration settings for all new users.

No code examples are necessary for this proposed solution.